Monday, September 26, 2011

It's International Rabbit Day!

I have a dog and cat whom I love a lot (even if the cat wasn't planned, he was found on the street as a small ball of fur in the wee hours of the morning last May); the cat thinks the dog is his mother and the dog thinks the cat is a royal pain (even though she did let him "nurse" for six months). Finally she weaned him, thank goodness. She has such a big heart.


I wasn't kidding.

I suppose she has a big heart because this isn't the first furry companion in need of a little extra loving. She had Apple, an adopted Netherland Dwarf rabbit who had a fierce appetite for dandelions and made his rabbit lair behind a mirror in a corner. He was the coolest of cool rabbits. Once he had a really intense fight with a red plastic cup, he liked to wait on the couch for the mail lady to come by, and he would always try (often successfully) to drink my coffee (he could smell it coming and as soon as I set my mug down he would be in it, literally). They shared carrots that I carefully distributed and Apple decided once that he should sleep in the dog's bed with her, and after a bit of grunting and rearranging, they made it happen.

Apple and Ollie share the bed

Isn't that a handsome bunny? Ollie the pug and I agree, we love rabbits. We love their cute little tails and their noses when they sniff things and how they do those cute little running jumps when they're excited. We also think a lot of people don't realize how awesome rabbits are, that they can use a litter box and that they are great companions. Who wouldn't want to share a big spinach salad with a bunny? Count me in!

So we're celebrating International Rabbit Day by sharing that bunnies are so dear to our hearts and we hope that if you're looking for a companion that you would consider adopting a rabbit who is looking for their forever home. Contact your local humane society and check out this website for more info on adopting!   You'd make somebunny very happy. :-)

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