Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is Upon Us! Check Out These Eco-Friendly Coats and Jackets

Fall is here! And I love coats, oh do I love them! And if there's anything more I love than just coats, it is coats that are compassionately made and are eco-friendly. All of these jackets are made from natural fibers, without wool, leather, or any other animal ingredient or by-product. You can look stunningly stylish AND be proud to have caused no harm. Could it get much better?

Here are some picks for Fall 2011 for a few must-have coats!

Technically this isn't a coat, but that cute ruffled collar was too hard to resist. Consider it a long sweatshirt, a long, cute sweatshirt that can be yours for $240 from Beklina.
I can see myself in this one already! Just add a sweater and scarf. From Vaute Couture, $250.
The Can't Chard-ly Wait Coat is so completely adorable, I'm in love! $150 chez ModCloth.
While this may not be the warmest coat, it certainly is adorable! Available in black, caramel and emerald, this lovely from Vaute Couture will set you back $280.
BB Dakota's "Switching Trains" coat is lined with faux fur. Totally adorable and only $110 at ModCloth

Have any other coats to share? I'd love to see them! <3

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