Thursday, October 13, 2011

Turn an Old Tee-Shirt Into Your New Favorite Bag

As some of you may know, I love finding new ways to use old tee-shirts. As of recently I am starting to use them to make collars for dogs and cats, but I've found plenty of ways to reuse those shirts that can't bare to be parted with yet stay in the closet for years.

 Yep, all made with tee-shirts! But it's not just about jewelry, you can turn your favorite old shirt into a tote bag, making it usable again to bring all of your fresh fruits and veggies home. 

Aren't these cute?!
I've posted a few other tutorials that I've made myself on here; I've just moved and I've only unpacked the necessities at the moment so I'm going to have to point you to a tutorial that was made by someone else. BUT! These are so easy to make, I would have just written the same thing. :-)

So if you've got a few extra tees and minutes to spare, try your hand at this super easy tee-shirt bag tutorial! The best reason for making these? You won't have to use plastic bags when you go to the store! And you'll look cool because everyone will know that you're doing your part in saving the environment. 

Also hit up this site for 35 free patterns for reusable totes! Holy moly, I'm going to have a field day once my sewing machine is up and running again. 

I'd love to see your versions! 

Happy crafting! 

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